17 April 2023

Our last week of the Spring term

Lady bird class have finally finished their big build. We have spent last half term making an elephant, the children have used different sized boxes to make the frame of the elephant then they have covered it with papier mache to bulk it out and had to wait for it to dry and go hard. This took a long time, finally they were able to paint the elephant and we decided to use all different coloured paint to represent a piece of Steven Brown art work as he has been the artist we have been focusing on. All the children have worked really hard and have done an amazing job. Well done Ladybirds!

Our messy play featured dry sand this week and proved to be a busy area, with funnels and a variety of containers allowing children to explore the texture and sensation of flowing sand, using fine motor skills and having a good chat whilst they do it; sharing ideas and sharing the fun.

The children have also had fun cooking, they have made chocolate nests. They had to mix melted chocolate and cornflakes together and then spoon the mixture into a cup case. They added two eggs on top and then they had to go in the fridge to harden. The children did not eat them for snack as they are going to take them home.

It has been a very busy half term for the ladybird class, they have learnt so many new skills for example, using scissors correctly, mixing different media together enabling them to make something spectacular, cooking skills, number and mark making work and of course we cannot forget the chicks. This has been an amazing experience for the children, they have seen how an egg turns into a chick and have observed the little ones’ tail and wing feathers change as they grew bigger and bigger each day of their last week with us.

From all of the staff in Ladybird class we would like to say thank you for putting up with the children coming home dirty and messy and we hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. It is sad to see some of our children move up to the bigger class but we know they are ready and confident to make this transition. We will also be welcoming some new children so we are happy that our Ladybird children can help settle them in and take them under their wings.

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Published on 17th April, 2023

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