05 May 2023

Numbers numbers, what a busy week

This week, the ladybird class have been focusing on Maths. The children have been making cakes out of playdough and then counting out the number of candles to show their age, before carefully pushing the candles into their playdough cakes.  They have also been role playing shops using the tills and money, this has shown us that the children understand what happens when they go shopping, for example they choose what they want to buy then take it to the till and pay for it and sometimes they get change. Children have been exploring the use of small wooden blocks, using a template featuring images of blocks.  They have matched blocks to images and explored different construction methods…before knocking their creations down!

Today, as it was a special day we got the sharing drum out for the children. They all had the opportunity to play freely before following a leader’s instruction; playing hard, playing softly, changing speed and stopping and starting. The children could also hear the music playing from next door, so we had a little dance before it was time to finish.

After playing the drum and having a dance, the children sat down to have a picnic as part of our Coronation celebrations. There will be lots of events in different communities throughout the weekend, will you be taking part in any?

The children have worked really hard this week, but have also had lots of fun.  Ladybird class would like to wish you a happy bank holiday weekend.

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Published on 5th May, 2023

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