20 April 2020

New home learning ideas

Despite the very unusual circumstances we hope that you have had a good Easter at home, hopefully following the guidance about staying at home but enjoying some old fashioned family time? I think that jigsaws and board games probably haven’t been played like this for 30 years!

Tomorrow we will ‘return’ to home school learning and we really do encourage our families to think of Monday 20th April as the first day of a new term. Home learning gives structure to the day and we need a new term feel that is different from the ‘holidays’. We strongly suggest that home learning is done BEFORE any other activities (e.g. electronics) are allowed and do please feel free to read through this news story with your child to make it clear that there is still school work to be done and that the holidays are now finished.

From Monday 20th April we will be working closely with the schools across Pegasus Academy Trust to publish a day by day set of activities which can be found here. A full set of activities will be published at 7AM each Monday. The expectation is that children will complete 3 activities a day.

We hope you find the new organisation of the lessons helpful. We are also monitoring “visits” to our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and welcome ‘back’.
THNS team

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Published on 20th April, 2020

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