21 April 2023

Muddy Hands and Smiling Faces

This week we welcomed our new friends who have joined the Nursery room having turned 3 years old during the last term. Our elder children have been guides and wonderful role models to the youngers ones with new friendships already beginning  to form.

Planting continued this week, with broad beans and sunflowers being planted. Our potatoes in their bags have sprouted above the soil,  so they needed to be topped up with lovely black soil or “yucky wet stuff” depending on your perspective.

Early in the week, the sunshine brought many hover flies to our garden, with many children worried they may be bees with a sting in their tails. We learnt their true identity and how they have stripes like bees to scare off  any other creatures that may wish to eat them.

Many of our Muslim friends celebrated Eid on Friday, we decided to have an Eid party together next week once our friends have explained how Eid is special and what it means to their families.


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Published on 21st April, 2023

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