20 May 2022

Mud glorious mud!

This week saw messy play inside and out!

Outside, there were swamps being dug and filled with water. Using barrows, shovels, spades and muscle power things got so sticky that children were having to wrench their wellies out from the “squishy yucky mess!”

Inside, colourful spaghetti gave children the chance to explore textures and smells. With a variety of tools, there was twirling, snipping, mashing and sharing on an industrial scale.

Our letter and sound of the week was “d”, found in dad, dog and disco…indeed on Friday, children made their own disco tickets to allow entry in to Jackie’s Sunshine Room Disco. Only those who attempted their letter or mark making were allowed entry!

During the week, children noticed lots of insects had moved into the garden. Using google and some information books we learnt that the ladybirds’ eggs were hatching. There were countless ladybird babies or larvae crawling around the flower beds. We discussed the life cycle of ladybirds and looked at photos. On Thursday, we found some pupa- larvae which had finished eating and were going to sleep…soon to change into adult ladybirds!

Next week, we shall be hoping to see some adult ladybirds as well as preparing for our Jubilee celebrations; learning about the amazing things our Queen has done during her lifetime.

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Published on 20th May, 2022

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