08 July 2022

Mr Tortoise – the hero!

This week the children have been keeping cool inside parachute marquees and by paddling in the pool! The children learnt about how the heroic tortoise keeps cool by digging tunnels, even inviting other animals in when there’s a forest fire. This was followed by a visit from Nanny Pauline and Thornton Heath’s very own tortoise, Mr Tortoise. He was rescued by Nana Pauline 40 years ago and the children enjoyed feeding him cucumber, observing him move at different speeds and touching his beautiful shell.

In other news, there are three tomatoes on our vines…….. with many more to follow as the children counted the beautiful yellow flowers on the tomato plant. One of our sunflowers has bloomed. “The Beast”, still to bloom, has proved many children’s predictions correct having grown higher than the perimeter fence…that’s taller than two metre sticks!


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Published on 8th July, 2022

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