22 September 2023

Melting chocolate

This week the children have been learning the concept of two. They have all had the opportunity to try and form the number. The shape of the week has been a ‘triangle’, the children have been working really hard this week to learn that a triangle has three points and three sides.

Our cooking activity this week was making rice puff cakes. The microwave was used to melt the chocolate. The children were shown that the chocolate was solid before it went in the microwave and liquid when it had been melted and taken out. The children learnt and used new language such as melt, stir and crispy. The children mixed the rice puffs in the chocolate ensuring all of them were covered. Once the rice puffs were covered in chocolate the children spooned the mixture into a cup cake case and added sprinkles on top, then put in the fridge to go hard. The children did not have these for snack because they were chocolate and we are a healthy eating nursery so they were given to their parent/carer for them to decide when they could eat them. I must say they were very tasty as a few members of staff tasted the spare ones and they said they were good. Well done children.

Our messy play this week has been corn flour where the children role played making tea and dinner. In the tuff tray  we had oats, lentils and rice and the children did lots of pouring and filling different sized containers. The children have enjoyed feeling the different textures of our messy play this week,  it has been very busy in this section of the nursery.

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Published on 22nd September, 2023

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