10 March 2023

Let’s get cooking!

This week Ladybird class have welcomed some new children to Thornton Heath Nursery School. The children have helped our new friends to settle in quickly and have shown them all the exciting areas of the Ladybird room.

We have also done some cooking, we made scones and ate them at snack time. All the children participated in this activity, listening and following the adult’s instructions very well. The children poured, tipped, rubbed and mixed the ingredients together and this made a nice dough. The children were then given a piece of dough each and the adult modelled rolling it between the palms of their hands to make a ball then flatten down, all the children had a try at this even though it was a bit sticky and some dough stuck to their hands. The scones were placed on the baking tray then put into the oven to cook, the smell of the scones baking made our mouths water!  When the scones were ready the children were given a choice of having butter and jam on their scone or just plain.  All the children tried the scones and some even asked for more, well done Ladybird class.

The children have been practising their cutting skills this week, they have had fresh vegetables in the home corner to cut up with a knife, and some children even tasted them. There was cooked spaghetti with scissors, the children were able to practise their scissor skills or just investigate it with their hands. Some of the children used descriptive words to say how the spaghetti felt in their hands and what it looked like, for example, wiggly worms, sticky and cold. The children were able to cut the spaghetti holding the scissors correctly whilst holding the spaghetti in the other hand.

When the rain stopped briefly the children were able to go outside. A couple of the children used the big blocks to build an enclosure, some of the blocks were quite big but with a lot of perseverance and working together they were successful. They were so proud of their hard work that they found the adults and showed them, then the rain returned and we had to go back under the shelter.

It has been a cold wintery week and the children have not been able to access the garden very much but they have still been very busy and have understood why they have had to stay under the shelter, They have watched the weather through the windows and were singing the song ‘Rain rain go away come back another day’, we cant wait for the warmer weather to arrive.

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Published on 10th March, 2023

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