10 November 2023

Let’s Celebrate Together!

This was our first festival week this half term. Sunday will see millions of people all over the world celebrating Diwali and the forces of good overcoming and triumphing together!

Diwali is also known as The Festival of Light, the lighting of Diva lamps to guide Rama and Sita home is an important element of the story as well as an integral part of Diwali observances. The children made their own lamps and decorated them beautifully.

The children have been busy listening to, and retelling the story of Rama and Sita. The story telling has  filtered into play with the children taking to the garden and becoming Rama, his brother Lakshmana,  Sita and Hanuman working together to build bridges and defeat the baddies!

Chalk drawings of monkey kings and ten headed monsters have adorned the blackboards and playground surfaces, with baddies and goodies popping up when you least expect it.

Planning for the party meant voting for our favourite biscuits. This meant lots of heated discussion on the merits of bourbons being vegan and then, of course, counting the votes.

Homemade treats are our favourites at Thornton Heath Nursery, so a new recipe for bubble bread was devised…what could enhance our most popular snack time treat?…..you guessed it… chocolate! We are rainbow children, growing and eating our fruit and vegetables as much as possible…but part of healthy eating is knowing when to have a treat…and Diwali is definitely a time for sharing delicious foods!

The storytelling, and planning culminated in our Diwali Party; Homemade bread and diva lamps,  and a party room beautifully decorated by Maria and Jackie made for a day to remember. Jackie and Maria also created a wonderful Diwali show alongside the greatest story tellers Thornton Heath has to offer….the children of Thornton Heath Nursery School!

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Published on 10th November, 2023

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