15 March 2024

Jelly Balls, Bikes and Beans!

This week’s rain has been collected and stored… allowing our pots and seedlings to be watered the natural way! We are now seeing germination take place of celery, basil, mixed lettuce, rocket, carrots, radish and runner beans. Still to come…a selection of red hot chillies, sun flowers, courgettes, beetroot and the famous Thornton Heath Nursery School pumpkins!

This week, we have been recapping our letter p writing and sound work as well as looking at the letter s…how it’s written and the sound it makes…snakes, smelly socks and scissors have been passed, searched for and drawn!

Messy play came in the form of tapioca pearls. They proved too much for Maria and Helen, and many of the children found them, “Sticky and yucky!” with gelatinous balls appearing… stuck fast all over the Nursery!  Always a conversation starter, and a shared multisensory experience for all brave enough to engage with the wobbly tray of jelly!

The malleable area was extended this week with the centre of the room dedicated to playdough and collections of materials and small objects. Great for sorting, counting and creating.

Our unapparelled outdoor space means we have a keen cohort of skilled balance bike enthusiasts; racing, navigating and even servicing their vehicles. Next week, the bikes are going away to make way for a gymnastics arena. Low level climbing, balancing, and assault coursing will be taking place…offering a change of pace to our garden’s central zone!

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Published on 15th March, 2024

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