04 July 2022

Inspired by Picasso

This week the children of Thornton Heath Nursery were treated to raspberries and blackcurrants fresh from the garden. Reviews were mixed “They’re a bit too much sour…but luckily I like sour things,”

During the week, we looked at some of the work of Pablo Picasso and used some of his portraits for inspiration in our own work. We combined paint, pen, stencils and collage materials to create works which include “Angry Bunny,” and “Wobble Eyes.” Marks and shapes were used to represent facial features and the results are truly impressive.

As our eldest children prepare for  their reception class in September, they had an opportunity to try on uniform from the schools they are going to attend.  Helping both children and teachers to process the fact that our time at school together is drawing to a close!  All our children mature and develop in different ways daily, but as transition time comes nearer it is a joy to see the 4 year olds supporting the younger children in everyday tasks, such as watering the garden and washing hands.

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Published on 4th July, 2022

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