31 December 2020

Important information regarding the delayed start to school in January 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday (Wednesday 30th December) it is now clear that Croydon schools will not reopen on 5th January as planned.  Thornton Heath Nursery School will also be closed to the majority of the children.  This is disappointing for us all but understandable given the rapidly growing numbers of COVID-19 cases in London.

We will be providing education for the children of frontline critical workers, vulnerable children and those that are due to start THNS in the spring term.  We will offer places to those children whose parent’s identify themselves to us as critical workers by emailing the keepintouch@THNS.org email address.  Please include information about the nature of your employment,  we will respond to each request individually.  All requests need to be made by 2pm on Monday 4th January 2021 at the latest.

If demand outstrips the number of places we can offer we will allocate according to our tiering system.  This provision will start from Tuesday 5th January.

It seems unlikely at this stage that any schools in Croydon will reopen before Monday 18th January at the earliest and parents should plan on this basis.

More updates will follow on this page so please check back when you can.

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Published on 31st December, 2020

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