09 February 2024

I have a purple cat

This week the children have been looking at and talking about the different pets you can have. They have talked about their own pets, what they have, what it’s name is and what colour it is. We have also talked about what we do with our pet for example, throw a ball, stroke it, take it for walks, and feed it. One child even told the adult she had a purple cat and that its name was meow.

The children have had a cooking day this week and they made pizza. The children had to spread the tomato paste on their base, then they had a choice of toppings which were cheese and sweet corn. All of the children chose to put both on their pizza, they spooned the sweetcorn on and sprinkled the cheese on top. The adult then put them in the oven to cook so that the cheese melted. At the end of the session the pizzas were given out to take home and share with our families, we hope you enjoyed them.

We have kept the role play area as a shop again this week as the children have really enjoyed this. They have continued to play the role of a customer or a shop keeper and they included the adults in their play. Through this play the children have been given the opportunity to learn some maths through counting money, mark making through writing shopping lists, turn taking and waiting for a turn and lots more from the curriculum we follow.

If you go shopping during the half term break perhaps you could take a photo of your child and send it to the keepintouch@THNS.org email address. We hope you have a good week off.

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Published on 9th February, 2024

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