07 October 2022

Hot potatoes from the firepit!

This week the children have continued honing their bread making skills as their independence grows. The children measured full cups and teas spoons of ingredients and even collaborated with partners to combine wet and dry ingredients in a smooth, coordinated way.

We had a focus on Numicon this week. Numicon is a colourful and tactile resource to explore and develop awareness of numerical pattern and quantity. Many of the children noticed that it matched our number display helping us to understand different ways of representing numbers.

Outside, the children built a campfire. Once ready to light, the children retired to a safe zone and watched as the flames danced and smoke rose above the trees. We cooked some sweet and white potatoes on the embers. The children then chopped the vegetables and we enjoyed eating them together…along with some tangerines!

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Published on 7th October, 2022

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