07 January 2022

Happy new year and welcome to the nursery room

The icy weather could not stifle the warmth of friends being reunited after the Christmas break, and new friends being welcomed into Thornton Heath Nursery School.

This week, the ice was broken each morning in the mud kitchen; containers were filled with all sorts of natural materials from our garden. Mixing, whisking, straining, throwing and measuring all being practised and enjoyed.

The wood work area was in full flow.  The children became a recycling team as they carefully dismantled a broken toy car. Using specially designed mini screw drivers the children developed their fine motor skills and hand strength as they discovered screws, springs and motors inside the body of the vehicle. They were then asked what should be done with the pieces? Shall we leave them outside?

“No, recycle it so the factory can make new toys!”  came one of many environmentally aware responses.

Hammering skills were also being practised this week, as material recycling continued. Wood, plastic and metal were all used to create some interesting flying machines…

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Published on 7th January, 2022

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