22 March 2024

Growing together, Caring together!

On Monday we returned to nursery to see unprecedented growth in the THNS greenhouse.  Runner bean plants and sunflowers are flourishing and our tomato plants are looking healthy!   Children are handling the seedlings with care and observing stem, leaf and root growth.

The creatures of our garden have been stirred into action. The children have noticed many types of bee, using our bee identifier we have manged to name several visitors. Baby snails have been hatching in the garden with many so tiny they are barely visible to naked eye. Collections of snails gave an opportunity for counting and observation of different colours and patterns. The foliage has begun to grow on our red current bush and the ants have moved in with their aphid friends. The children have watched as the ants move the aphids into position so as to start their relationship; the aphids collect so much sweet juice from the plants that the ants are able to get a  drink too…all in return for some protection on the part of the ants.

Our letter and sound of the week was “a”, found in astronaut, ambulance, ant and Anthony, Antonio and Amelia! Using our Little Wandle mnemonic, “Around the Astronauts Head and Down into Space” many have been writing the letter in the air, water, sand, paint and pen!

Slime, play dough and bubble bread dough have all been made; keeping our bodies and brains active throughout the week!

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Published on 22nd March, 2024

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