23 February 2024

Growing Together!


The beginning of the week was set aside for pancakes…our Chinese New Year celebrations, followed by half term meant that Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, was not celebrated. Monday’s group time saw eggs, flour and milk combined by the children before the pancake cafĂ© was set up, allowing the children to observe the runny batter transform into pancakes… before being flipped, rolled, chopped and devoured by the delighted children.

As the second half of the Spring term begins, the sun always returns to our big, beautiful garden. This means it’s planting time! Maria and Jackie have set aside a new greenhouse area in our shelter…this will protect our crop, meaning we can plant a little earlier and have some produce to eat before August! Beans, lettuce, spring onion and radish seeds have all bean planted…along with some wild flower seeds to bolster our butterfly and bee friendly planters!

Next week, the greenhouse work will continue as we plan for our vegetable patch to break all Thornton Heath records!

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Published on 23rd February, 2024

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