24 March 2023

Growing Together!

This week, our pet chicks continued to amaze and enthral the children.  We observed the little ones’ tail and wing feathers change as they grew bigger and bigger each day of their last week with us. As the chicks grew in strength, they also grew in confidence and were happy to explore our reading room and be held by careful, gentle hands.  The children of Thornton Heath showed great care for their chirping friends, ensuring that they had all they needed to survive and thrive. It was sad to say goodbye, but they had to return to their home amongst the trees at the farm.

Outside the chicks’ quiet sanctuary of our reading room, the nursery room was the busy hive of activity it always is. The children tested and approved our new paint dispensers, giving the children easier, wholly independent access to paint. This allows them to explore colour and it’s application under their own steam.

Elsewhere indoors, logs, collections of pebbles and sorting trays were put to use. Sorting and balancing different materials allows for numerical patterns to be explored and counting to be developed.

Our messy play featured dry sand this week and proved to be a busy area, with funnels and a variety of containers allowing children to explore the texture and sensation of flowing sand, hone fine motor skills and have a good chat whilst they do it; sharing ideas and sharing the fun.

Outside the pulley system was installed, a vast washing line was erected to allow up to 20 pairs of socks to be pegged up at a time and the first stage of clearing the flower beds for planting was completed!

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Published on 24th March, 2023

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