09 December 2022

Glitter, glue and sequins too!

Ladybird class have continued with lots more festive activities. They have been decorating Christmas stockings and making wreaths. It has been a bit messy as we have been using lots of glue, paint, sequins and glitter. The children have also worked together to make an amazing snowman using different sized boxes, this has given the children the opportunity to compare the different sizes of boxes we have used. You will probably have realised this as the children have been going home with some form of paint or glitter all over them.

The children have been working really hard to learn the Christmas songs that we are going to sing at St. Alban’s church on Tuesday. We hope that lots of you are able to join us in the Sing-A-Long. It is so exciting as this is the first time we have held our Christmas Sing-A-Long outside of the nursery environment and we are really looking forward to it.



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Published on 9th December, 2022

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