31 March 2023

Gardeners, Bakers and Shimamoto Inspired Artists!

Our last week of term saw rain and shine and the children were as busy as ever!

Giant hot cross buns were on the menu as the children used a converted bubble bread recipe to make their own snack time treats, tasting dried fruits and smelling spices before mixing the ingredients together.

With spring now here, the planters and beds needed  to be cleared and the first session of planting was completed with Maria and her team of gardeners planting pumpkins, beans and camomile.

This week, the children also watched some performance art by the late Japanese artist Shozo Shimamoto.  The back playground became a painters’ paradise as the children explored how Shimamoto’s high energy application of colour and paint  can stimulate all the senses at once! As we move into drier weather the outdoor painting will continue…

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Published on 31st March, 2023

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