06 February 2023

Fun in the winter sun.

This week’s warmer weather saw our garden busy once more!  The welcome sunshine meant many children were asking for the mud kitchen to be complimented by the water buts. Of course the children know; if you want to play in the water, you have to wear the correct clothing! With overalls, coats and boots to put on, this means valuable development of independence. From one session to the next, children who had asked that their shoes be removed for them, became totally independent… not just removing shoes but also putting on their wellington boots. For some of our younger children, a little assistance is given by their elder friends, passing on their experience with clips, braces and boots!

The big climb was busier than ever after having to be shut during the frosty spell.  Some enterprising children set up their own takeaway specialising in treats from ice cream to pizza. Scoops, spoons and tongs were used, ensuring portion control as well as valuable development of hand eye coordination and hand strength.  Developing social skills through imaginative play, while having a good hand muscles’ work out!

Semolina was in our messy play area for part of the week. Initially the only tools provided were rubber stylus, this created a valuable mark making exercise in the soft powder; drawing patterns, shapes and forming letters. Again, we build strength here, ready for writing in the years to come. Later in the week, the semolina was complimented by lavender and free access to scoops, spoons and other tools. This added a further sensory experience to process as an individual, but also to share with friends…so again, we have the wonderful combination of physical, social and sensory activity.

The woodworkers have been so busy we officially ran out of building materials on Tuesday. This was not a problem as a mid-week Tapestry call out to our wonderful parents was answered and there were several deliveries within 24 hours.  There will also be a weekend visit to our local saw mill, as at Thornton Heath Nursery we save money and the trees by recycling offcuts and waste wood.  There was an imaginary visit by the Health and Safety officer on Thursday; a very serious 3-year-old wearing a high visibility jacket and safety glasses praised the standard of work going on, but insisted on some new safety posters being created and displayed in a prominent location.  Thankfully, the workshop was given the thumbs up!

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Published on 6th February, 2023

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