20 July 2022

Fun in the sun!

This week, as the country sweltered in the heat, the Thornton Heath Nursery children found interesting ways of keeping cool. Soapy bubbles, pipes and blocks of ice were touched, blown, crushed and explored, helping the children to stay active in the hot weather.

Despite the hot weather, the THNS gymnastic team were unstoppable.  By organising a queue and ensuring safe spacing along the upper bank of the garden, the children practiced their jumps and rolls. Confidence and skills were developed throughout the week as they observed and encouraged each other.

On Friday morning the children counted 4 yellow sunflowers in our garden. “They’ve bloomed!” came calls from outside.  The children enjoyed watching the different types of bee visit the flowers. Next week, we shall continue to observe the bees collecting nectar and helping the plants make their seeds. Hopefully, we shall be counting even more golden flowers in our garden.

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Published on 20th July, 2022

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