17 June 2022

Fun in the sun!

This week we have been having fun in the sun. The children have engaged in lots of water based learning to help keep them cool, they have been pouring and filling water into different containers, splashing and getting very wet. They have really enjoyed the weather this week.

We have also been reading the book “We’re going on a bear hunt”, the children have been helping make different scenes from the story using different types of media ready for a new display. They have had the opportunity to re- enact the story independently using an interactive scene made from different textured materials which they enjoyed.

They have also been learning about our number, letter and colour of the week, this will continue each week moving on to different numbers, letters letters and colours when each child has a good understanding of these. Next week we will be continuing with the same book doing some more creative activities e.g. making bear faces and a cave.

It is important that we read the same story for a while as this helps the children to join in with some of  the rhyming phrases, fill in the missing words when the adult stops reading at certain points and build on their language acquisition.

The children have also tried a different vegetable each day at snack time, some vegetables were more popular than others.  Well done children for trying them!


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Published on 17th June, 2022

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