06 October 2023

Dough Disco delight

This week the children have been learning the concept of four. They have all had the opportunity to try and form the number. This week the children have been learning how to create concentric circles in the style of our focus artist Kandinsky.  The children have been working really hard this week with their maths number recognition and shape.

Our messy play this week has been playdough, the children have joined in with “Dough disco” which aims to strengthen little hands and fingers to support early mark making and develop the children’s fine motor skills. Children need to have strength in their hands and fingers to help them hold and grip items through life. Dough disco shows children how to manipulate the dough in a fun way by slapping, pinching, rolling and stretching the dough without them even knowing they are exercising their muscles, it is so much fun!

Our story of the week was ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ the children have really enjoyed this and have been learning different colours, animal names and the Makaton signs for each animal, they might come home and show you what they have learnt.

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Published on 6th October, 2023

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