21 October 2022

Festival of light

Next week, our Hindu friends shall be celebrating Diwali and at Thornton Heath Nursery we learn about and take inspiration from all the celebrations happening within our community. Our Hindu friends shared with us what happens in their homes at Diwali. We read, and the child retold, the story of Rama and Sita, helping us to understand the importance of the Diva lamp in celebrating the triumph of goodies over baddies. We discussed what it means to be good and how we too, just like Rama and Sita, can show love and kindness towards those around us.

We were busy in the week preparing for our own Diwali celebration. The children wrote their names and posted them on the survey board, indicating which biscuit they would like for the party!

We shaped and decorated diva lamps from salt dough and lit a dark room by our Divas’ light, having a time of reflection and thanks giving for all things great and good in our lives…from our parents to chocolate cake!

Outside, we created fabulous Rangoli designs adding streaks and shapes of colour to the ground. It has been a busy half term and we look forward to the adventures to come in the next half!

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Published on 21st October, 2022

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