17 June 2022

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

This week, we have had a special focus on healthy eating as it was The British Nutrition Foundation’s 10th annual Healthy Eating Week.

The Children of Thornton Heath Nursery are fully aware of the importance of getting lots of sleep (or we won’t grow and stay medium/small for ever), drinking lots of water (as we are mostly made of water and don’t want to turn ourselves into raisins) and eating our fruit and vegetables (to get our vitamins and minerals).  So, for this special week, we have focused on learning about the importance of eating a variety of fruit and vegetables…ensuring we are “Rainbow Children” who eat a rainbow of different colours.  We kept tallies throughout the week of which colour fruit and vegetables were eaten. The children had a choice of peppers, cucumber, cabbages of every colour, grapes, melon and citrus fruits along with carrots and tomatoes. Each day we peeled and chopped, felt, smelt and tasted. Some options were more popular than others, but everyone was confident enough to give something new a try! One of our friends told us how she loves Broccoli, but only “the bottom bit.”  This sparked a rather heated debate about which part of the broccoli is indeed the tastiest and most popular…the only thing to do was hold a survey! As is customary with our surveys, Children wrote their names on a strip of paper and placed their strip beneath their favoured part of the broccoli anatomy.  You will be pleased to know that eating the whole broccoli was the overall winner!

Throughout the week, fun has been had and children kept cool with lots of water fun. Of course, if you want a slot in the pool one must write one’s name on the waiting list! Inside and out, children were pouring, splashing, jumping and squirting.

With the sunshine our gardens’ wildlife has been especially active. Butterflies and caterpillars were counted beyond 10 and a stag beetle was found in the log pile. The first of our crops has begun to ripen…with several children helping themselves to sweet red raspberries. Poppies have bloomed, our sunflowers are beginning to produce their flower heads, the potato plants have taken over their planters and the carrots and tomatoes are looking strong!

Phonics and bakery videos will be coming next week and please see Jim at pick up if you would like some sourdough starter to make your own homemade bubble bread!

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Published on 17th June, 2022

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