06 February 2023

Farm facts!

This week Ladybird Class have been learning about the different animals that you find at the farm. Our small world play has been focused on a farm setting with farm animals, information books about farms and wooden farm animal puzzles. We have worked really hard at maths doing some counting, sorting and comparing size using different sized animals. The concept of big and small has been learnt, revisited and embedded for many of the children. Completing the farm themed puzzles has promoted hand eye coordination skills and spatial awareness as well as matching shapes. This has not always been easy but we all persevered and we are happy with our results.

We have completed our block chart. The children were asked which animal they preferred from two alternatives, a cow or pig. They  made marks on their card to represent their names and put it under the animal they chose.

On Wednesday the Ladybird children had the opportunity to access the larger garden space with its huge climbing area. The children had so much fun and put their muscles to good use as they climbed the climbing wall and whizzed down the wide slide. I think a lot of them were surprised with their own climbing ability as were the grown ups!

The children have been focusing on the number four and the letter P, which will help the children to understand the value of four and learn how to make the correct sound for the letter P, which will help them when learning to sound out words when learning to read. Well done Ladybird Class, what a busy week.

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Published on 6th February, 2023

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