01 December 2023

Drawing, Digging, Dancing!

As the cold set in, the children at THNS remembered that keeping busy helps to keep you warm!

The dance floor moved inside this week; there were daily requests from the children for Reggae, Afrobeat and Abba, all of which kept not just little feet moving but entire bodies… with many inspirational moves being displayed! “Don’t Pump it too loud,” cried the children, “We’ll get in trouble with the neighbours!”

Fruit and Veg surveys were conducted, giving us a chance to share ideas about favourite rainbow snacks, but also a chance to record responses and amounts

Karen’s domino club was back; keeping fingers and minds busy with matching, counting and of course developing the all important skills of collaboration and turn taking.

Christmas crafting has continued, ensuring the Christmas trees of Thornton Heath will be suitably sparkling and our parents and carers overjoyed with top quality pieces of art.

Outside there was ice collecting, treasure hunting in the digging area and a mud restaurant combining foraged herbs and autumnal foliage to create a feast for the senses!

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Published on 1st December, 2023

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