05 November 2021

Diwali divas and rangoli

This week the children have been celebrating Diwali. We have been reading the story of Rama and Sita and we have been watching some Diwali celebration videos.  We have had the opportunity to make diva lamps and make Rangoli patterns.  We all helped to make the salt dough for our diva lamps, mixing, stirring and kneading the dough.  The children rolled the dough into a small ball then they pushed their thumb in to it to make a hole, they then pinched the dough with their thumb and forefinger and pulled it to a point to make the shape of the lamp. We used a template to make our  Rangoli . We had to carefully spread glue between the cut out sections and then we had great fun sprinkling sparkly glitter over the glue.  When the template was lifted we were able to see the pattern that had been made.

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Published on 5th November, 2021

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