18 November 2022

Decisions, decisions!

This week some of the Ladybird class have been creating a block chart to represent their favourite colour. The children were shown six different objects, one of each colour and after talking about the different colours were asked which was their favourite. Once they had chosen their colour, they were shown their self-registration card, an adult modelled how to form the letters of their name and the children then had the opportunity to write independently their names on their card. The children made their own marks to represent their name. Once finished the adult asked them to put their name by their favourite colour on the board. Most children understood this and were able to put it correctly by the colour which was their favourite. The next day when our block chart was complete the children counted the number of cards by each colour to decide which was the most popular colour. All of the children were able to join in counting to 5, some did this independently and others needed a little support.  Well done Ladybird children you have shown that you can make choices, make marks to represent letters, use different number names and work together to create a block graph.

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Published on 18th November, 2022

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