11 February 2022

Dancing to create good fortune!

Last week, the children of Thornton Heath Nursery welcomed the Chinese New Year with percussion and dancing!  A huge tiger visited the Nursery as the children learnt the story of the argumentative animals and the race which led to each animal taking their turn to have their year.  We learnt how a little girl called Abi, who is British and Chinese, celebrates with her family- wearing red for good luck, writing good luck messages and getting together for a good time!

The children created their own lion costume after watching a spectacular dance and we learnt that the lion dances to scare away the bad luck, making sure the Chinese New Year is a great one filled with good things!  After a fast paced, percussive parade things became a little calmer as we listened to some beautiful classical Chinese music and had a go at traditional ribbon dancing.

Our bird feeders are ready for action next week. Will the local sea gull come and visit?  How many sparrows will we count and can we tempt the crows to land on our feeding platform?  Check in next week to find out!

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Published on 11th February, 2022

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