17 May 2024

Courgette Flowers Mean Busy Bees

Our Courgettes have flowered with two beautiful, big, yellow blooms. They have done so just in time for our resident miner bees who have been busy digging their burrows at the very rear of the playground. The children have enjoyed watching the stingless, solitary bees emerging from their burrows… each complete with little “mud volcanoes” from their excavations.

A broken lunch trolley meant the tools were out during the week. The original was condemned by Caroline, so it was sent off to the recyclers. The new one arrived and was soon put together by Thornton Heath’s youngest Handy-Children.

On Tuesday, we were visited by our Governor and friend  Father Joshua from St Alban’s. Jackie and the children taught him their favourite game of What’s the time Mr Wolf?… great exercise and great practice with number.

Our full collection of magnets were out throughout the week, allowing the children the chance to push and pull as if by magic. Also, a chance to observe and share an experience both with and without language.

Maria, the menace of Thornton Heath’s window cleaners, was in the garden with brushes and foam…giving the children a mark making experience like no other. From name writing and trail plotting… to wild mixing and flicking, fabulous fun was had by all.

Our bumper crop of lettuce and greens has been so abundant we decided to share our wealth with the snails…who are currently loosing the battle of the THNS  vegetable plot. The children carefully snipped some choice salad to feed the snails their share.

Later in the week, the sand shifters were back on duty. 100kg of sand was moved  across the playground and shovelled into the pit. Another feat of strength, coordination, cooperation and wheel barrow manoeuvring by the children of Thornton Heath.


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Published on 17th May, 2024

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