14 October 2022

Cooking al fresco!

This week the fire pit was lit once more. The children rolled up their sleeves and floured up to make some flat breads. Turning our back garden into an outdoor kitchen for the day gave the children an opportunity to make a different type of bread, learning how to handle the sticky dough; using light touches and keeping the dough moving to avoid the catastrophe of dough stuck to a table rather than fresh bread in our tummies!

The children observed the hot coals, watching the smoke rise and water evaporating from the hot plate surface.  A valuable lesson was had in moving around and keeping a safe distance from a lit fire whilst witnessing first-hand the power of the heat produced.

We counted down as our dough bubbled and became crisp, checking cooking progress together using our senses of touch and sight to judge when to take our bread off the heat!

Once ready, we allowed our bread to cool before returning to the nursery to choose a topping to carefully spread over the surface of the delicious bread. A chance to come together and enjoy the fruits of our labour and even share with a friend!

On Friday we were joined by local musician Grace and her trumpet. The children enjoyed hearing their favourite tunes on the horn, joining in with their own composition of “We Will Rock You!”

We have several other musicians due to visit next half term so watch this space!

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Published on 14th October, 2022

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