20 October 2023

Concentric Circles By Ladybird Class

This week the children in Ladybird’s have been learning the concept of the number six. They have all had the opportunity to try and form the number or make six individual marks.

We have continued to draw circle shapes. We have practised doing this the whole half term and the children have got very good at drawing full circle shapes. The children needed to understand when to stop once the circle was formed. Some children found this easier than others so they were challenged to draw concentric circles by listening to instructions, focusing and manipulating mark making tools. We have got an amazing display of the children’s work in the nursery room, by displaying their work it shows all their work is valued and looks stunning. If you have time, please pop in and see this.

The children did not cook this week instead we made fruit kebab’s. The children still had to be very careful and listen as the skewers were very sharp at one end, the adult demonstrated how to push the fruit on the skewer. The children had the opportunity to choose which fruit they would like then carefully push it onto the skewer, once they had enough fruit on it they were able to eat the kebab. The children enjoyed this activity very much and all listened well and were very sensible. Well done children.

We have also had cornflour in the tuff trays this week and it got very messy. The children have also had the opportunity to explore a pumpkin and a sunflower head, they were able to see the seeds and have been using tweezers to pick the seeds out themselves. We talked about how things grow in the garden, how do they start to grow and what do they need to make them grow big, they have done lots more and had a very busy week. The children have been learning a rhyme called ‘5 little pumpkins’ they are now able to recite the whole rhyme through by themselves. Why not ask them to recite it to you?

On behalf of the Ladybird team we all hope you have a nice half term break, it is getting cold now so maybe a few duvet days should be had, there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with your grown up watching a movie with a duvet over you.





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Published on 20th October, 2023

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