27 January 2023

Chinese New Year Celebrations

This week Ladybird class have been celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have watched videos about how and why Chinese new year is celebrated. Their role play area was turned into a Chinese restaurant. They have been able to role play cooking Chinese food, waiting on tables and taking orders. This is giving the children an insight to how different cultures celebrate different occasions and the opportunity to celebrate in a different way. We have tried noodles and rice this week, we really enjoyed having something different for our snack time. The children have also tried to do some Chinese writing, they made lots of different marks with a black pen on red card to represent the red money envelopes given out at Chinese New Year. When you are given a red envelope you are lucky because it contains money. The children have also made lanterns and a huge dragon’s head. The lanterns have been hung up around the nursery room and the large dragon head has been attached to some beautiful cloth so the children can move around the garden to music, just like a real Chinese dragon.

We have completed a tally chart this week and have worked really hard at maths, improving our early number sense through counting, we have also been sorting counting apparatus and comparing sizes.

There will be a new number and letter each week for the children to learn, this week the children have been focusing on the number three and the letter T. Next week we will focus on number four and the letter P.  This will help the children to understand the value of four and learn how to make the correct sound for the letter P as in pen, peg and ping.  This will help the children to sound out words when learning to read.

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Published on 27th January, 2023

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