19 April 2024

Chicken and Fish…No chips till June!

10 eggs arrived on Monday, delivered by farmer Jane who explained to us how to care for the eggs and the eventual chicks.

With incubator set up, the children felt the gentle warmth produced to mimic the mother hen’s body heat.

With each egg numbered, the children had the chance to check the size and shape of each one. Which one would hatch first?  Using our survey board, the children wrote and pinned their name beneath the egg of their choice!

Wednesday saw egg number 4 hatch first, much to the children’s delight! Next week, we shall be releasing the chicks into a pen in order for them to strengthen their legs and for the children to observe their feeding, movement and interactions with each other!

Our (as yet) unnamed fish has settled into their new quarters, complete with pump and foliage. Each day, fishy is fed 5 fish flakes, 3 times a day. This means careful counting, careful scooping and ticking off the tick sheet!

We have our chickens and fish….chips will have to wait for our potato crop in June!

In other news, seedlings were watered, corn planted, snails were moved as humanely as possible and the sand pit was scrubbed and filled ready for the summer of fun to come!

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Published on 19th April, 2024

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