22 March 2022

Chick, chick, chicken!

This week has been a magical one for children and adults alike.

On Monday, Farmer Jill dropped off 10 Chicken eggs and an incubator to keep them nice and warm. The children observed the eggs, they were all different sizes. Would a small egg hatch faster than a big one?  The eggs were numbered so the children were able to talk about each egg and then write their name and record the number of the egg they thought would hatch first.  Some children wrote a number, others represented the number using shapes and marks.

Number 8 “pipped” first, which means a small hole was made by the chick inside… however, number 7 took first place hatching first to be joined by her sister number 8 shortly afterwards.

We are now the proud custodians of 10 happy, fluffy chicks. The children have learnt that the brown chicks are females and the yellows male. We have also been talking about the needs of the chicks, how we need to be responsible, keep behind the red line and not tap the chicks’ box.

Next week the chicks will be strong enough to handle, something the children and some of the teachers have been eager to do all week!

On Wednesday, we had our sharing success celebration and it was lovely to welcome parents and carers into the setting. Children shared their Learning Journeys and carers had a chance to explore the space with their children as expert guides!

Our letter and sound of the week was “a” found in apple, ant and ambulance.  We sang the jolly phonics song, made some silly soup and even ate a magic apple…

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Published on 22nd March, 2022

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