01 March 2024

Cheesy Bubble Bread Baking, Vegetable Garden Prep… and Pizza Party Planning!

The week started with some Mondrian inspired use of colour, shape and line.

For some time, the bubble bread bakers have requested a savoury enhancement. We have made chocolate bubble bread to celebrate events such as Christmas, Diwali and the Lunar New Year…but as tastes have become more sophisticated, the children  have requested a cheesy experiment…this week saw what many have called the most delicious bubble bread yet! It proved incredibly popular and is set become part of the regular bakery repertoire.

The planting in our garden centre has continued. The children are learning how to encourage the germination of seeds and the consequent care plants require…of course the final goal is further enhancement of our snack time…one which the children shall nurture and observe over the coming weeks and months.

The cheesy bubble bread caused a Playdough Pizza Parlour to spring up in the Nursery…complete with authentic Mediterranean and classical soundtracks  and a plethora of pizza design and flavour combinations…could these playdough pizzas become an edible reality next week? Will a survey of pizza topping choices be necessary? If a pizza party takes place, will tickets and invites need to be designed and distributed?  Are bubble bread Pepperoni Pizzas a Possibility?  Perhaps a certain letter and sound will need to practised in order for for such Possibilities to take place!

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Published on 1st March, 2024

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