21 July 2023

Cheerio But Be Back Soon!

Our potato crop was harvested on Thursday and happily only one trip to Tesco was needed to supplement our new potato harvest… which made delicious wedges for all to share.

Children guessed how many potatoes were going to be discovered beneath the soil, demonstrating the numbers with their fingers and recognising amounts being shown by their friends. “Don’t count say the amount!” is chanted as the children subitise amounts, which means recognising a quantity without counting!

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Great Uncle Russell who came to play the children his Hang Drum. Russell is a professional percussionist and his voice is as soulful as his melodic drum. He gave the children an interactive performance in our court yard garden, beneath the cherry tree. A chance for our young children’s minds to rest, listen, reflect and take part in a wonderful sensory experience.

This week was celebration week as the families of our community came together for our Summer picnic.

At the close of the academic year we said farewell to our Nursery children who are off to Reception classes around Thornton Heath and Croydon. We wish our children and their families all the best….and be back soon!



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Published on 21st July, 2023

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