13 October 2023

Busy Busy Busy

Ladybird class have been really busy this week, the children have worked really hard, demonstrating their listening and attention skills.

This week the children have been learning the concept of the number 5. They have all had the opportunity to try and form the number or make five individual marks, counting with 1:1 correspondence as they have made the marks.

Our cooking activity this week was making vegetable soup. The children helped cut up the different vegetables we were using. They were guided and supported to use a knife safely and correctly, the children learnt and used new language such as chop, slice, cut and blend. Once the vegetables were chopped up they were put into a large saucepan, stock cubes and water were added then they were put on the stove to cook. Once the soup was cooked the adult demonstrated using a blender explaining how this breaks down all the lumps and makes the soup nice and smooth. Once the soup had cooled down enough the children had the opportunity to try it. All the children tasted the soup,  not all of them liked it but some of the children asked for more.

We have continued the story of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ as the children have really enjoyed this. It is important to repeat stories as this helps to embed the story language and to teach new vocabulary. They are now beginning to use all the Makaton signs and are even able to re- tell the story back to the adult.

The children also had the opportunity to make  play dough with an adult. They really enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together and getting very messy at the same time. It is a wonderful experience for the children to be involved in making the playdough as they learn which ingredients you need to use, how to follow a process and also see the changes that happen as the flour becomes a dough. This activity is language rich as we talk about the textures of the ingredients and how we mix, knead, pull, squash and roll the dough.

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Published on 13th October, 2023

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