14 June 2022

Busy as can be!

This week our Nursery was a shape building, sand pit filling, polar bear washing hive of activity.

Earlier in the week, Maria had a wonderful idea. She swapped the locations of one of our busiest areas with one that we adults hoped for the children to use even more. So, some of our construction materials and wood working area changed places with our busy role play area. Within minutes, our hammer tapping, bricklaying children were occupied with shared building projects and individual endeavours. The role play area remained popular, and changed somewhat in that resources were newly liberated, no longer confined to a corner but being transported and used with care.

On Thursday, our first bakery session of the new half term took place. Children recalled the ingredients, then measured and mixed them… before waiting overnight for the “good germs (the yeast)” to do its work and blow bubbles into the bread as it bakes; bubbles which the children have learnt get bigger as the dough and indeed the bubbles themselves get hotter in the oven.

Next week is healthy eating week! We shall be running a healthy snack bar which will be open during our Nursery sessions. Children will make dip using mint from our garden, peel carrots and have the opportunity to try different colours of super healthy cabbage and bell pepper. Throughout the week, we shall be keeping a daily tick sheet for each key group. This will record just how many different colours of fruit and vegetables we manage to prepare and eat together. A great counting and mark making opportunity as well as a healthy eating competition amongst the groups.

With Father’s day round the corner, we shall also be making cards to celebrate the special adults we have in our lives whether they be our daddies or not!

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Published on 14th June, 2022

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