19 October 2021

So much!

This week we have been reading and retelling the heart-warming book, ‘So Much’ by Trish Cook and Helen Oxenbury.  The story is full of energy and love as we meet the people who make up baby’s family and see how they express their love and care for him. The last person to arrive is Daddy, the birthday boy! Just like the family we had a party on Friday, complete with freshly baked bread, cake, music and homemade birthday crowns!

As always, the children were being challenged all along the party preparation.  To decide which cake we would buy the children took part in our survey asking, “Which cake? Chocolate or Lemon?” The children wrote their names on paper strips and placed them under the cake they most wanted, keeping count for each cake along the way. As a healthy eating school we discussed treats; the children were asked, “Should we have cake every day? What would happen to our teeth and the rest of our bodies if we ate cake every day?”  We also encouraged the children to think about special foods and every day foods- “Would cake be special if we ate too much of it?”  On Friday, we put on our crowns, turned up the music and had a lovely celebration. We love cake, dancing and having fun together…So Much!

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Published on 19th October, 2021

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