13 October 2023

Bubbles In the Bread… Bubbles in the Air!

This week conkers were counted and sunflower seeds were sorted.

Our resident squirrels are getting more and more bold as they venture into our busy garden to collect their share of the sunflower seeds and even the odd potato…. which keep appearing in our planters months after harvest time. The children filled and carefully positioned a bird feeder in a central location in the hope of allowing some bird watching next week. Our rear garden has a whole flock of sparrows, however our main garden currently only has the naughty magpie couple and a few bold wood pigeons.  We hope to tempt more visitors by next week.

Maria led an art installation in the creative area. An upturned table was transformed into an elephant… telephone….submarine….telescope with some tape, tissue paper, recycled cardboard and packaging and a generous scattering of jewels collected during Jackie’s treasure hunt…the results of which were kept as a tally by the children who recorded their names and their jewel totals!

Bubbles were back in both the dough and the air this week. Bakers honed their skills in the bakery, counting out measuring cups and carefully adjusting their stirring techniques for both wet and dry ingredients.  The baby baths and water tubs were whisked into a frenzy of bubbles which became a flurry as the children experimented blowing, throwing and clapping bubbles together.

We had a story of the week this week; The Gingerbread Man. This lead to outdoor retelling and performance with the key elements of the story being accompanied by some adaptations… the gingerbread children were chased as they sung the well know refrain,

“Run, run as fast as you can…you cant catch me I’m the gingerbread man”  before being gobbled up by a river crossing T-Rex, a greedy lizard and even a hungry fire fighter.

Next week, the bakery will feature some small group gingerbread baking and, perhaps, one or two runaway treats…

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Published on 13th October, 2023

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