10 February 2023

Bubble bread is back!

A mixture of lentils and oats were in our messy tray this week. Spooning and scooping using an array of different tools and containers means development of hand eye coordination and all important hand strength… as well as an opportunity to share ideas and feelings through both verbal and nonverbal communication. The messy tray goes from being a “Bubble bread bakery,” to being a “Red hot chilli soup” kitchen, all child initiated ideas relating to other experiences the children encounter at Thornton Heath Nursery School.

An engineer visited in the week to fix our broken oven. This meant one thing; bubble bread is back on the menu! Jody and Jim’s groups made the bread this week, but after half term every child, will be measuring, pouring, mixing, stretching and of course baking delicious bubble bread every week. This is not as a standalone activity, the Thornton Heath Bakery is open 5 days a week and is an important feature of the children’s time at Thornton Heath Nursery School; building number and measuring skills, communication skills, physical development and scientific understanding. By the end of their time at THNS, children are able to create bread from its raw ingredients with either the lightest support from an adult or none at all.

Some lucky mums, dads and carers will be receiving tokens of love in recognition of Valentine’s day next week. An opportunity for the children to reflect upon their feelings for those close to them and to show case some of their mark making skills!

The nursery garden is showing signs of spring already. The children have noticed growth in the flower beds as well as discovering spiders’ egg sacks inside our shed door. Our garden is accessed throughout the year, but as the spring sun starts to creep in it is a joy to see the children basking in the warmth and accessing the space in different ways.

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Published on 10th February, 2023

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