09 June 2023

Bubble Bread and Bubble Bridges

Our final half term has begun and our beautiful garden is supporting a plethora of life for the children to investigate, explore and interact with.

Our bushes are supporting hundreds of caterpillars and naughty aphids, all munching away at our plants. The sunflowers have survived so far. The snails seem to have been kept at bay for now.  The potato plants are not thriving however, and if the potato wedge party promised to the children is to go ahead, we may need to go on a supplementary trip to Tesco.

Indoors, Cornflour created a messy play paradise where the children could explore states of matter. Is it solid? Liquid? Powder? Is it slime?! Squeezing, pouring, dropping and stirring… we get the chance to develop our physical skills and coordination. Of course we are indulging in this play with our friends, so we share our experiences and ideas- through language but also simply through sharing the space and the activity itself.

From bubble bread to bubble bridges…There was bubbly fun on the big climb as the bridge and walls were given a good coating of bubbles, washing away the chalk marks, drawings and writing of the last term. Ready for some more chalk action next week!

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Published on 9th June, 2023

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