19 January 2024

Brrrrrrrrrrrr !

This week the children have been focusing on the number 1. The children will be learning to form the number of the week and make the correct amount of marks to represent the number, this will help the children to understand the value of 1.

This week there was an arctic theme set up on the black “tuff” tray for the children to explore and interact with. The tray had been left in the garden over night with water in it so it would freeze, it was brought in and animals and fake snow were added. The children have really enjoyed this activity and there has been lots of conversations around the different animals the children can see. The children have been comparing the different sizes of the bears and penguins, they have been sorting them by different categories. They have had the opportunity to feel the ice and watch it melt as they played, a lot of children were comparing the different sized pieces of ice as it broke up. Adults have been able to introduce lots of new words to the children such as, frozen, melting, smooth, igloo, cave and many more. This helps the children to build up a bank of words to use in further conversations and during their play. The children have also been watching video clips about the arctic animals and they could see that there are different types of bears, foxes and birds around the world and how different they are depending on which part of the world they come from.

The paint was introduced to the new children who have started with us and this was very popular. The children were shown that they need to wear an apron before they paint and once they had finished they need to write their name on their work and put it on the drying rack, they then need to wash their hands and hang the apron back up. This was all supported by an adult and next week they will be able to do it independently.

We have done so much this week to develop our understanding, listening, communicating and physical skills. Well done children, we’ve got another busy week ahead of us.

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Published on 19th January, 2024

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