12 January 2024

Blasting to the Moon!

We have welcomed our new starters this week who have been supported by the elder children to enjoy their first days at Thornton Heath Nursery.

The children watched BBC footage of the launch of the Peregrine Rocket on it’s attempt to make a landing on the moon. We observed and spoke about the explosive energy and joined in the countdown to launch.

We learned that the scientists and engineers worked hard and worked together to build the rocket and launch it successfully. We also learned that the plan was to send a robot to the moon.

When we discovered the rocket had broken on its way to the moon and had lost its energy, we felt sad for the scientists. However, we discussed how when things go wrong, we can watch, talk and try different ways of doing things and… try again! We decided to build our own rockets and even became human space shuttles, launching from the slide after carefully inputting instructions using buttons, dials and switches.

Maria supported the children in their design and construction of a rocket control room, from where  the rockets which crashed were sent new instructions and rebuilt carefully!

Across the nursery, oats were poured, mixed and formed a tool for role play.

Our new starters experimented in the painting area for the first time, independently blending and applying colour and texture as print and with brushes.

As the cold weather continued the children wrapped up and continued to happily explore the garden and climbing equipment.  With snow predicted by many, we may have the sledges out next week!


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Published on 12th January, 2024

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