26 May 2023

Big Bear Little Bear

Today our adult led learning was about understanding the differences between big and small, understanding and following instructions and positional language. The children had pictures of a different sized bears, different sized bowls and different sized food.  The children had to follow the adult’s instructions which included the language of big and small and make choices about which bear, food or bowl they had to select to carry out the instruction correctly.

The next challenge was to understand simple positional language e.g. under, on top, in front and behind. There was a toy chair and a small bear, the adult asked the children if they could “Put the bear….” The children all tried very hard and were happy to join the adult doing this activity. Well done children for all your hard work you are super stars.

The children were happy to join in with an adult led maths activity, they were asked for example, “Can you find me the number five?” All children were happy to pick a number stamp and pick a chosen coloured paint to print the number on the paper. The children were also asked to find the number of dots stamp to match the number, the children had to count the dots on the stamp to match the number they had printed. All the children have worked very hard using their counting skills and have produced some amazing work.

A small group of children had the opportunity to make play dough, they all had a turn to pour in the ingredients and talk about what ingredients were used. The children were able to mix the ingredients together, talk about the colour and say if they needed more flour or water to make sure the dough was the right consistency. This was a nice activity for the children to participate in as normally the play dough is already made by an adult before the children arrive to nursery. It has given them the opportunity to see how ingredients can be combined to create a finished product that has a different texture and structure.  Well done everyone.

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Published on 26th May, 2023

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