30 June 2023

Beautiful Butterflies

This week our voting  was about how many caterpillars had turned into chrysalides. This process happened over the weekend and on Monday morning the children got to look at all of the chrysalides hanging from the lid of the pot. This gave us the opportunity for the children to do more counting and mark making. The children counted how many chrysalides they could see hanging and made a mark to represent the number and they then wrote their names to put on our tally chart this week. The next day an adult carefully transferred the lid with chrysalides on into their airy new home, this was very exciting because they were wriggling about but soon calmed down once they were safe.

On Friday morning Karen entered the ladybird room, it was so quiet she suddenly heard a fluttering sound, when she looked in the chrysalis’s airy home she could see a beautiful butterfly flying around it was amazing to watch. When the children came in they were told what had happened and they all sat down so they could see the full transformation. They sat very quietly on the carpet and the adult carefully brought the butterfly net down to eye level. Each child had a chance to observe the butterfly flying around and then resting on the flower in its home to gather the nectar which is their food. Later in the morning another butterfly hatched so we now have two. This has been an amazing experience for the children and we can’t wait to set them free in our secret garden.

This week the children have learnt how to do a symmetrical painting with support from an adult. They have had to listen very carefully about what they needed to do and all of them were happy to have a try. The paper was folded in half and the children could only paint one side of it, when they had finished the paper was closed together and given a gentle rub. After the children had done this the paper was opened up to show their creation, their faces when they saw what had happened was incredible, they were so proud of their hard work. Well done children.

The children had a visit from a dental nurse this week. They were taught about the importance of brushing their teeth morning and night, they were also shown the correct way to brush their teeth. All the children were able to have a try at brushing ‘Dinky the Dinosaur’s’ teeth which they enjoyed. They were taught a song to sing while brushing their teeth and all of them received a sticker. Parents received a chart and small booklets with advice on how to support their child brushing their teeth, how often and how much tooth paste to use.

After the visit the children to practised brushing teeth, they had tooth brushes and handmade casts to represent teeth. This activity has been very popular this week with the children.

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Published on 30th June, 2023

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