26 January 2024

Barrows, Bubbles and Slime!

This week, Helen worked her magic on a slimy concoction. This created an opportunity for the children to share the multi sensory experience of stretching, smelling, squeezing and even skipping with the gelatinous, oozy substance!

Outside, Jay the builder visited to move one of the olive trees. He looked a little tired, so the children offered to help move the large pile of soil left behind…after all it will serve as an ideal base from which to grow our vegetables come spring!  Children spooned, shovelled and wheel barrowed the soil across the playground…building communication skills as well as physical strength and determination!

The warmer weather this week meant the children were back out picnicking with their friends and their babies in the civilized way we are accustomed to at Thornton Heath Nursery School.

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Published on 26th January, 2024

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